Known issues

Samba bug #11624 - Socket leak on DFS paths

There (was) a bug in Samba / libsmbclient for which the fix has yet to make it through to distribution updates. All versions of RHEL are still affected by this bug for example.

More details here:

If you configure Bargate to let your users connect to shares through DFS paths then you will almost certainly hit this bug and Bargate will leak connections leading to hundreds or thousands of zombie connections to port 445 on the file server.

The current work around whilst waiting for the bug fix to be made available by distributions is to simply restart the wsgi server every so often. If you’re using the recommended nginx+uwsgi approach then add this line to the uwsgi.ini configuation file:

max-worker-lifetime = 900

This will cause uwsgi to restart each worker after 900 seconds (15 minutes).