bargate is an open source web interface for SMB file servers


  • The latest stable version is: 1.5.8
  • The latest development version is: N/A


All development information and bug reporting can be found on GitHub.


bargate is a standalone web application which can be used to present existing SMB file servers to your users via a web browser. It is written in Python and runs on Linux. Bargate was written to provide users with a way of accessing existing CIFS/SMB file servers from the web in a secure way. Bargate is currently in use at the University of Southampton and the University of Sheffield. You can consider bargate stable and ready for production use.

bargate is a responsive HTML5 web application that thus works well on smartphones, tablets or desktops. You can choose to integrate bargate with any SMB/CIFS file server - bargate is known to work with Samba, Windows, Isilon, NetApp and Novell file servers.

bargate is highly configurable; your users may change how the application works and how it looks. You may confifgure what file servers are available for the user to access. bargate supports either LDAP, Kerberos or ‘SMB’ authentication.


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